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Europe is a destination that truly has it all and is best experienced with the all-inclusive luxury of Oceania Cruises. Centuries of history has been carefully intertwined with culturally rich, modern cities making for a diverse and rewarding vacation in Rome and Barcelona. Even nature lovers can find something for them in Europe – say on the Amalfi Coast or in the highlands of Scotland? Oh, and foodies will be thrilled to enjoy some of Europe’s most famed dishes both ashore and aboard with Oceania’s Finest Cuisine at Sea. Dive deeper into the following destinations in Europe:

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Things to Do on a European Cruise with Oceania:


Delve into art and history at the Vatican, dine on Spain’s national dish of paella, perhaps a hike through the mountainous terrain in Northern Europe? What do you want to do first? You will have plenty of time to explore everything Europe has to offer from the British Isles to Greece on a European cruise with Oceania Cruises. Continue below to learn more about some of our favorite things do while cruising in luxury in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean:



Fresh couscous dish
  • Mediterranean Meals (Casablanca, Morocco)
    Tease your taste buds with the exotic flavors and spices of Morocco! Prepared with beef, chicken or lamb, you will lovelove the couscous!




Vatican City in Rome
  • Italian Heritage & History (Rome, Italy)
    Rome is home to some of the richest history in the entire world and with Oceania, you get to experience it in luxury. Express lines at the top museums, local tours full of hidden gems and more make this a top destination.




Scenic Amalfi Coast
  • Cliffside Catamarans (Amalfi Coast, Italy)
    Hop in a catamaran and enjoy a day diving into the Mediterranean while gazing upon the pastel colors and rugged coastline of the southern shores of Italy on the Amalfi Coast.




Bryggen on the Bergen coastline
  • Nordic Adventures (Bergen, Norway)
    Every corner in Bergen pays homage to the medieval, Nordic history. History buffs, be sure to spend some time in Bryggen, the part of the city filled with traditional buildings and cobbled streets from the city’s inception in 1070.




Fjords in Tromso
  • Gateway to the North Pole (Tromso, Norway)
    Located within the Arctic Circle, Tromso is meant for the adventurer ready to explore some of the world’s most majestic fjords and mountainous landscape. Widely untouched, you’’’ find out if you have what it takes to survive on the edge of the North Pole.




French wines
  • Vino en Français (Bordeaux, France)
    Traipse through a rolling vineyard in France without a worry in the world other than whether your next glass will be red or white, all with the luxurious, exclusive tours of Oceania Cruises.



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