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Business & Incentive Cruises

Motivate and reward your employees with our Business & Incentive Cruises. This special department of The Cruise Web team will handle all of your business cruising needs, from ship and destination selection to escorting you through the grand finale. We’ll use our extensive travel experience, as well as our partnerships with the world's largest and most distinctive cruise lines, to give you access to a variety of state-of-the-art sea vessels to meet your business’ needs.

Foster a fun, productive environment for your next business event and reward hard work with an exotic, stress-relieving cruise. Possible events include:

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Tahiti cruise sales incentive

Sales Incentives:

Boost productivity and performance by using a business cruise event as an incentive for your sales team, or reward outstanding work with the ultimate prize – a luxurious cruise to any one of our world-wide destinations. Contact The Cruise Web for help planning the ultimate sales incentive.


Product launch presentation

Product Launch:

Announce your company’s new product or service during an exciting vacation event and really show your team how much their hard work has paid off. Celebrate your accomplishment at sea and build great buzz surrounding your official launch.


Thank you on the beach

Client Recognition:

Extend a special thanks to those that mean the most to your business, your clients. Build a special event around their involvement in your company’s success and watch as the investment sows the seeds for future growth. Remember, nothing says “thanks” quite as loud as a tropical escape.


Showing employee appreciation

Employee Appreciation:

Recognize your employees the best way imaginable – with a dream cruise getaway. Demonstrate your appreciation of their hard work and loyalty while showing your commitment to their well-being, all while fostering a better work environment.


Executive retreat

Executive Retreats:

Not only are executive retreats a healthy way to recognize and reward top brass, they provide ample opportunities for team building exercises. Use our resources to plan an unforgettable corporate retreat and enjoy the enduring benefits of well-oiled executive team long after returning to the office.


Strategic planning session

Strategic Planning Sessions:

Sometimes the best ideas happen outside of the office, and sometimes even better ones happen on vacation. We’ll help you use an organized escape from the ordinary to stimulate new “strategery” and a fresh focus in your next strategic planning session.


Our standing in the industry, as well as our partnerships with our cruise lines, provides us with a large fleet of cruise ships to accommodate the wide range of tastes, preferences and budgets:

  • Modern contemporary mega-ships
  • Tastefully appointed premium cruise ships
  • Distinctive luxury vessels
  • Intimate ultra-Luxury ships


The Cruise Web’s Business & Incentive Cruises team provides you with:

  • Experienced staff with a background in cruise, hotel, business and incentive services
  • Professional and knowledgeable ship selection perfect for your business and event
  • Ship visits and site inspections
  • Completely customized plans:
    • Unique itineraries*
    • Personalized invitations and/or daily program agendas*
    • Cocktail receptions, parties, dances and more
    • Pre-sailing bon voyage reception and champagne sail-away party
    • Open-bar wine and liquor packages
    • On-board entertainment*
    • Customized in-room gifts, luggage tags and more
    • Inclusive photos, spa services, shore excursions, internet packages, child care*
    • Custom descriptions for pre-registered events ashore*
    • Custom pre- and/or post-cruise hotels and ground transportation
    • Equipment rentals
    • Custom printing, shipping, loading and delivery of equipment


*Available for private cruise ship charters only.


Any of the suggestions above may be included with your initial proposal. However, some are required with final contract to ensure timely execution. Contact our Business & Incentive Cruises team for details.

Still thinking about a land-based resort for your next business outing? See why cruising is your best option.

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