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Cruising Tips

Vacations should be enjoyable. The idea is to find your idea of fun and achieve as much of that as possible. Maybe it’s relaxing on a beach, spoiling the kids, catching a live show or hiking a mountain. Whatever your idea of fun, cruises are an incredible way to find it. The challenge, however, lies in navigating the world of choices available and determining the best cruise to maximize your fun. That’s where The Cruise Web’s consultative approach comes in. We provide free expert guidance, personalized for your specific needs. The following cruising tips are merely the start of our service, so please contact us for even more cruising advice.

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Use a Cruise Consultant:

The biggest tip is to use a cruise consultant. Cruises can be complex products, and the huge variety of destinations, cruise lines and ships makes the decision even harder – but this world of choices also means there’s probably a perfect cruise for you, you just need a little help finding it. Use the free expert guidance of our experienced cruise consultants to determine which cruise options are best suited for your individual needs. On top of offering objective advice about your vacation plans, The Cruise Web’s consultants have access to exclusive rates, promotions and amenities that you won’t be able to enjoy on your own.


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Book Early:

This one’s easy: cruise lines typically offer the best rates right when a cruise first goes on sale. You may be tempted to wait, but what usually happens is the cruise ships start to fill up and the increasing demand leads cruise lines to raise their prices. You can even book your next cruise while aboard the ship on a current cruise, usually at a discount. When booking  at the future cruise desk, just inform the staff to coordinate the new booking with your Cruise Web consultant. Don’t worry, book early.


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Be Flexible:

Ask your consultant for recommended variations of your original vacation plan. Much like other industries, you can find great values by considering off-season itineraries or discounted cabins. What’s less popular to someone else could actually be perfect for you and yours.


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Insurance and Travel Protection:

We hate to talk about it, but let’s face it, sometimes even the most meticulously planned vacation can be ruined by something that’s out of your control. For this reason, it’s always wise to protect your vacation investment with travel protection. Travel protection policies are an inexpensive way to make sure you’re covered in the event of a cancelled or missed cruise, and they also ease the anxiety that can accompany significant vacation investments.


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Pre-vacation Checklist:

Take the stress out of vacation planning with the help of our consultants and a pre-vacation checklist. Tips include preparing your home for your absence, contacting banks and cell phone providers, gathering travel documents, mapping out your itinerary and packing.


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Pack Smart:

Packing is one of the last obstacles left before you can really enjoy your vacation, but it doesn’t have to be so stressful. Lay everything you need on your bed, including clothes and money. Chances are that you’ll want half the clothes and twice the money. Keep the staple clothes that allow you to mix and match to create different outfits. Also, try using shower caps as shoe bags to keep your clothes clean.


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Make Onboard Reservations Early:

Set up your spa and specialty dinner reservations right after boarding so that you can reserve the best times for your schedule. This is also a great time to tour the ship, see the amenities and learn where everything is located.


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Stay Fit While Cruising:

It can be challenging to stay in shape while on vacation, but our tips will make it less difficult than you think:

  • Get your exercise in early and enjoy working out on the treadmill while looking out over the ocean. Or hit the pools early and sneak in a few laps before the crowds show up.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You’ll get to know the ship better and enjoy the décor while burning extra calories.
  • Use various onboard activities, like the rock wall, surf simulator and sports courts, to turn your workouts into fun competitions with friends.


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Be Healthy:

Don’t let bad health get in the way of your dream vacation. Follow these tips to stay informed and have a healthier, better experience:

  • Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for any required immunizations or vaccinations: You’ll also be able to find updates on potentially circulating diseases.
  • Even if vaccinations are not required (and they usually aren’t), it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before embarking on a long trip. This will help you determine which onboard activities and shore excursions are best for you.
  • Pack all of the medication you’ll need in your carry-on luggage, plus an extra week’s worth in case your trip is extended. We also recommend packing copies of your prescriptions, along with a list of the generic names for your medication. And don’t forget your health insurance card!
  • Beat the sun with sunscreen (SPF 15 or greater) and ChapStick, and don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours or immediately after swimming or sweating.
  • If you require the assistance of a wheelchair, walker or cane, inform your consultant so that they can make the cruise lines aware of any desired medical equipment. Many aids can be delivered directly to your stateroom.


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Cruising with Children:

Vacationing with children can be an extremely rewarding experience for parents and kids alike, but it does present a new set of challenges.

  • For young children, bring extra diapers and toys, especially if your cruise involves flights to and from the cruise port. It’s extra weight to carry around, but you’ll be glad you have them if a flight is delayed. Keep in mind that most cruise lines don’t stock diapers onboard, but some allow you to go online prior to your cruise and purchase baby items to be delivered right to your cabin.
  • Ask your consultant about the onboard children’s facilities and babysitter programs. They’ll help you find a cruise that guarantees fun for both you and your children.
  • Don’t be afraid to take the whole family out on a cruise line-operated shore excursion. Certain activities may be restricted by age, but young children are sometimes exempt from shore excursion fees.


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Cruising Solo:

Cruising as a single passenger can be just as fun as accompanied travel, if not more. You control your own schedule and have plenty of chances to meet new people, or get away from it all and completely relax.


These tips barely scratch the surface of our experts cruising knowledge. Contact our cruise consultants or browse The Cruise Web’s blog for even more cruising tips.


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