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Amalfi, Italy Cruise Port

Cruising to Amalfi, Italy is a great opportunity to see the greatest meeting of land and sea on earth and explore the romantic city. The area is known to be very charming with its turquoise skies and waters, rich history and fresh seafood. Quaint white houses can be found along the steep slopes showing its Spanish influences around the beautiful bay filled with fishing boats. Explore the Capuchin monastery, built in the 1100’s and see the beautiful 11th-century Cathedral and cloister. Indulge in some delicious Italian pastries and expresso in a café that overlooks the bay area when on your cruise to Amalfi, Italy. This town has some great antique finds that are located along the streets of the town center as well as handmade cotton clothing that all of the locals will be wearing. Italy itself is known for its food and wines, where Amalfi also does not disappoint. Try some of the locally grown artisan food and the wine made from grapes grown in the backyards. While cruising to Amalfi, Italy, here are a few of the must-sees:
  • See the Amalfi Musical in the vaulted ruins where a suspenseful and electrifying show will captivate your senses.
  • Kayak through the gorgeous blue waters of the bay along Amalfi’s coast for an amazing guided tour about the area.
  • Take part in the Amalfi Lemon Experience where you can hike about the lemon trees and partake in a cooking class to learn some new skills!
  • Sample some of the locally produced wines along the coast and pair it with some of the best fresh mozzarella.
  • Travel along the famous Amalfi Drive with twists and turns about the high rocky sea cliffs where you are sure to pass along some beautiful villages.

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