Giardini Naxos, Sicily Cruise Port

Giardini Naxos is a township in Southern Italy that is located in the province of Messina on the island of Sicily. The township is on the coast of the Ionian Sea on a bay that is situated between two capes. It covers an approximate area of 5 km2 and holds a population of 9,524 people as indicated in estimates of 2015. Historically, Giardini Naxos was the first Greek settlement of Sicily and was founded in 734 – 735 B.C. However, since the early 1970s the coastal township boasts of being one of the most sought after seaside-resort destinations in Italy due to the sheer beauty of its sweeping bay, and white sand beaches that are overlooked by Mount Etna. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences and activities that tourists could enjoy after cruising to Giardini Naxos:
  • A visit to the Archaeological Park should be among the top things to do for history buffs. It is the site of the very first Greek settlement in Sicily and features a small museum and a fairly larger park where archaeological excavations were done.
  • With a 4 km long coastline, the area has several beaches for visitors to bask in the sun while enjoying a swim. Visitors should especially take note of the Recanati beach, and busy Lungomare which is on the main beach-road and has a host of cafes and pizzerias.
  • Fans of historical architecture and art should visit the Chiesa di Santa Maria Raccomandata. This is an 18th century church that was restored in the 19th century. It is the home of the Madonna di Porto Salvo, which is a 15th century painting.
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling are also excellent activities for visitors to undertake. The Sea Spirit Diving Resort should cater to any visitor interested in diving. The marine life is quite fascinating and the professional divers at hand make the experience unforgettable.
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