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Mahon, Minorca, Spain Cruise Port

Mahon also known as Mao-Mahon is the capital of Minorca Island, Spain. The city is found on the islands Eastern coast. It is known to have one of the biggest natural harbors on the globe. The water is usually clear because it is marginally enclosed. The origin of the name is attributed to Mago Barca, who was a Carthaginian general. He is believed to have taken refuge in the region in 205 BC. It later on suffered raids carried out by Arabs and Vikings until 903 when it was conquered by the Islamic Caliphate of Cordoba. The area has grown in popularity over the years because of the many interesting things and activities that tourists can engage in. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Mahon, Minorca, Spain will enjoy:
  • Architecture enthusiasts should definitely make their way to the city. The parish church of Santa Maria is one of the best examples of religious architecture. People can learn a lot about architecture in the region as well as its history.
  • Walking around the city offers a great way to explore the area. Travelers will get the chance to soak in the great views and appreciate the fine Georgian houses. Walking is fun and is also a form of exercise, which is an added advantage.
  • There are many good restaurants along the harbor. People will get the chance to choose from a variety of restaurants that serve different dishes. The options are also convenient in the sense that a person can choose a dining establishment that is affordable.
  • The area hosts traditional festivals on an annual basis. One of the most popular ones is the Festes de Sant Joan in Ciutadella, which is held from the 23rd to the 24th of June. A person can also see the famous Menorca-bred horses and their riders at the event.

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