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Valletta, Malta Cruise Port

When cruising to Valletta, Malta, expect nothing less than a historic journey through time as you explore this capital city. The St. John’s Co-Cathedral is a must-see when in Valletta, where the ancient paintings and artifacts found inside are absolutely remarkable. On your cruise to Valletta, don’t miss the Mosta Dome, the San Anton Palace Gardens or Dingli Cliffs that overlook the coastline. The Grand Valletta Harbor offers an amazing view as well as many different attractions including bars, restaurants, shops and interesting buildings. Valletta is the largest natural harbor in all of Europe and can be easily walked through to visit the exciting historic landmarks. The area is also well known for its food, where some world-class restaurants can be visited or sample some of the local flavor found in smaller restaurants or street vendors. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Valletta, Malta:
  • Visit the many different wine bars and unique cafes located all about the city.
  • Enjoy the city’s many diverse cultural events ranging from English theatre to opera performed by leading singers.
  • See the Saluting Battery along the port where you can learn more about the history and even view the canon firing twice a day.
  • Explore the Manoel Theatre, where you can view the museum with the history of the theatre or sit in on a show being rehearsed.

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