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Palma de Mallorca, Spain Cruise Port

The island of Mallorca can boast of an impressive port city where the old and new worlds dwell in perfect harmony. Based on the size of this major port city, Palma de Mallorca is considered the capital and largest city of “comunidad autónoma” (communities with the right to self-governance) in the Balearic Islands in Spain. Almost half of the inhabitants of Mallorca call it home. Remnants of European and African control in the past are still present in some architectural designs. If you’re up for it, you can certainly tour major parts of the city by foot. As you soak up some sun on the various beaches made of pure white sands and crystal clear waters in the cruise port of Palma de Mallorca, be sure to delve into the ambiance of these captivating places of attraction as well:
  • Serra de Tramuntana is a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site that stretches across a large chunk of the island’s territory. The wild and stunning view of mountains submerging into the sea makes Palma de Mallorca a popular tourist attraction. As you begin your hike to Puig Major, you will come to understand why it is considered the highest peak on the island of Mallorca.
  • An impressive piece of architecture lies in the heart of the city. This Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral with a nave that is 44 meters tall; the highest of all Gothic cathedrals, is known as Cathedral (Le Seu). Parts of its interior were redesigned by famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi.
  • Taste a few of the local delicacies in the cruise port of Palma de Mallorca by visiting Mercat Del Olivar. This is a lively market noted for its fresh seafood and well-laid out stalls. Here, you will mingle with local shoppers and get a real sense of the culture in a “non-touristy” environment.

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