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Corfu, Greece Cruise Port

For such a small island, Corfu certainly packs a punch. Here you’ll find not only history that dates back thousands of years, but incredible stories of Greek gods and heroes like Hercules. The island, though thoroughly Greek, was once part of the Venetian Republic and later the French empire, and Great Britain as well. All of those cultures have influenced the island. You can see Italian architecture next to Venetian monuments and a French arcade – and there’s even a museum of Asian art. Continue below for sample experiences for your time in Corfu, Greece:


  • Walk through Old Town Corfu, which offers historic sites next to modern shops. The structure is influenced by the Venetian era.
  • Go wild and crazy at Aqualand, a waterpark offering slides galore. If you’re hot, this is the place to go to cool down.
  • Learn the simplicity and deliciousness of the Greek cuisine by dining at one of the local restaurants or taking a cooking lesson.
  • Have a culture clash as you visit the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, which was once the home of British high commissioners and is now the Museum of Asian Art. This is also the spot to find artwork from the locals.

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