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Kavala, Greece Cruise Port

Nestled in northern Greece on the Bay of Kavala is the picturesque cruise port of Kavala. Growing in popularity among tourists, Kavala is the principal seaport of eastern Macedonia and is connected with the islands in the Northern Aegean Sea. Like many Greek cities, Kavala has its roots in antiquity; its original name in the 7th century B.C. was simply Neapolis, which means "new city" in Greek. Where its current name came from is up for dispute, with some theorizing it came from Italian language, and others the Hebrew. Its humid subtropical climate and multiple beaches make it a great place to relax when the sightseeing is done; shoppers and foodies can explore a myriad of possibilities right at the harbor or in the city's shopping district. Whether interested in ancient culture of modern offerings, here are some of a few of our favorite experiences when cruising to Kavala, Greece:
  • A 20-minute or so walk from the harbor takes you to the Byzantine Castle of Kavala. Built around the 15th century, it eventually became a resting place for Kavala's residents. While the castle is fascinating enough, the view from its tower is breathtaking.
  • Architecture buffs should visit the Kamares or Aqueduct, a well-preserved structure that may have originally been built by Romans; the "modern" (that is, 16th century) version came about because of repairs initiated by the Ottoman Empire's Suleiman the Magnificent. It's a highlight of the city and also a good vantage point to take photos of the rest of the area.
  • Now a museum, the House of Mohamed Ali (or Mehmet Ali) in the heart of Kavala's old town was built around 1720; it's where the founder of modern Egypt grew up, raised by his uncle after his father died. The Turkish style is evident with the restoration, and there's a bronze statue of the leader nearby.
  • Those interested in religious history will find the Philippi Archaeological Site and museum a must-see. Founded around 360 B.C., the site is said to be where the apostle Paul did missionary work and performed the first baptism in Europe.
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