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Canakkale, Turkey Cruise Port

Where else can you see a huge prop that came directly from a Hollywood movie set? Despite the fact that the film Troy was largely set in Turkey, not a bit of it was actually shot there; as a consolation, Warner Brothers gave their wooden Trojan horse to the cruise port of Çanakkale, Turkey, which graces its shores and gave the city a surge in tourism. Many myths and legends have their roots here. The story of Hero and Leander, for instance, tells of a couple separated by the Hellespont; Leander swam every night to his lady love, but eventually met his fate in a storm. Lord Byron loved the story enough to emulate that swim, which then led to an annual swim with Çanakkale as the finishing point. Whether you love your history ancient or enjoy a bustling modern scene, Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Çanakkale, Turkey:
  • If you love to shop and would enjoy hearing a spontaneous outburst of folk singing, the Mirror Mall (or Aynali Carsi) is the place to be. Here you'll find all kinds of gift and souvenir ideas; when it's time for a bite, try any one of Çanakkale's cafes, featuring such delights as kebabs and fresh seafood, chased down with raki, the unsweetened anise-flavored alcohol favored in Turkey.
  • Book enthusiasts will adore the Korffman Library, located in a former school in the old town. Its vast collection includes 6,000 volumes about topics such as history, culture, art, and archaeology.
  • As a reminder that this was once a spot where battles once raged, history buffs can visit the Ottoman minelayer Nusret, which served during the Gallipoli Campaign, and is on display as a museum ship and memorial.
  • Dardanos Beach is a pretty area that gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of the city; its fine white sands and view of the Aegean Sea is a great place to relax, and for the purchase of a soft drink, one of the beachside cafes will let you use their lounge chairs and umbrellas.

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