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Chioggia, Venice, Italy Cruise Port

Just 25 kilometres south of the world famous city of Venice, lies the lesser known hidden gem Chioggia. The town was established and grew when it was a part of the Byzantine Empire. A dark time fell upon the town during the 9th century when it was destroyed by King Pippin of Italy. Chioggia was rebuilt in the Middle Ages when local trade began to boom around the trade of locally available salt pan deposits. Cruise to Chioggia and escape the busier streets of Venice for a much more relaxed but equally satisfying Italian cultural experience. The main local economic activities include textile manufacture, fishing, steel production and brick making. Cruising to Chioggia will place you at the scene of one of the most interesting morning markets in Italy, when fishermen arriving on shore offload their catch, and begin selling it on the shores. Below are a few activities you will enjoy in Chioggia:
  • Lovers of classical architecture will enjoy a fun day at the Chiesa di San Giacomo Apostolo church. The building is laid with several tributes all pointing to local spiritual events and aspects of note including an icon of the Virgin Mary who was revealed to a local peasant.
  • A visit to Chioggia is not complete without a visit to the Museo Diocesano d'Arte Sacra museum. It houses many treasures from local churches, a pair of polyptychs by Paolo Veneziano and portraits of local bishops who have served in the town.
  • Spend an afternoon on the Vigo Bridge, one of the eight bridges in the town but without a doubt the most artistically designed. It was originally built in 1685 as a replacement for an older wooden bridge. Vigo will offer a serene and quite afternoon for you.
  • Visit the local fish market in the morning and have your pick of a wide variety of fresh catch. The fish will be prepared for you at a sea front restaurant and is the perfect way to kick start your day in Chioggia.

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