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Ancona, Italy Cruise Port

Ancona is a play on the Greek word for “elbow”, and so this port town was named because it sticks out like an elbow into the Adriatic Sea. This city, which is South of Venice, was an important naval station during the times of the early Greeks and Romans. During the 16th century Ancona became a Papal State, meaning it was controlled by the Catholic Church. During this time numerous gorgeous structures were built, many of which should be enjoyed during cruises to Ancona, Italy. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Ancona, Italy:


  • Built atop the ruins of a temple dedicated to the Greek god Aphrodite, the Ancona Cathedral was built in the 11th century and its roof is in the shape of an upside down boat.
  • Explore artifacts from the Copper Age and Bronze Age, along with Greek ceramics and glassware, at the National Archaeological Museum.
  • The Lazzaretto is a pentagonal building that was built in 1732 to protect the military from contagious disease, and it was later used as a hospital.
  • The city’s art gallery, Pinacoteca Comunale has more than 100 works of art from regional artists, including Titian.

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