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Argostoli, Kephalonia Cruise Port

Argostoli is a former municipality and town that is located on the island of Kephalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece. It has a small population of 14,000 and is surrounded by forests and mountains. The town had many beautiful Venetian buildings which were destroyed together with other villages by a major earthquake in 1953. The earthquake left a lot of damage and destroyed almost all of Kephalonia aside from the Fiskardo area. Since then the town has been re-built, however, some aspects of the local color and architecture have not been maintained. A large fraction of the architectural aesthetics of the island are modern. Fortunately, there are many things that a traveler can discover and tour by visiting the area. These include the walking trails, beautiful harbors and local cuisine. There are many things that visitors can do and enjoy simply by taking a cruise to Argostoli port.
  • Kephalonia is a beautiful island that people can visit. Argostoli is the primary township and it lies in an inlet situated at the southern coast. It is also well protected from rough seas which is ideal. The surrounding cafes and Central Square around the region are also delightful.
  • The St. George Castle which is found near the town is a highly recommended must see attraction. It was built more than 1,000 years ago and it still stands. It is the largest castle in Kephalonia and has huge stone tunnels, walls and bastions.
  • Another natural wonder that should not be missed is the Drogarati Cave. It is believed that the cave is more than 100 million years old. The cave was accidentally discovered after the 1953 earthquake which destroyed a major part of the town.
  • Argostoli is an immensely busy port that is filled with private yachts, freight ships and ferries that arrive and leave throughout the year. Due to demand there are plenty of shopping areas that visitors can get a chance to buy a wide array of products at the region.
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