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Tangier, Morocco Cruise Port

Tangier, which is sometimes referred to as Tangiers is a major city, which is located in Northern Morocco. Its name is believed to have been derived from Tingis, the daughter of Atlas. The city has a rich history that is tied to many cultures and civilizations. It is generally considered to have been a refuge for varied cultures. In the year 1923, it was regarded as having international status by multiple foreign colonial powers. It then went on to become a destination for a large number of American and European diplomats, writers, spies, and businessmen. Currently, the city is developing at a rapid pace. Listed below are some of the interesting and recommended activities, and features that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Tangier, Morocco:
  • Tangier was considered as a safe house for spying activities during the Cold War and other spying periods. This reputation has resulted in it becoming featured in many spy fiction films and books. Visiting the region will help offer more insight into its role in spying activities.
  • Many famous writers, artists, and musicians have visited the city because of its multicultural placement of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Communities together with foreign immigrants. Travellers to the region will get to experience and appreciate the diversity that has attracted many notable individuals to the city.
  • Art enthusiasts should not fail to stop over at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It features contemporary paintings and the artworks of many well-known artists such as Chrabia Tallal and Mohammed Kacimi among others. It also showcases numerous interesting travelling exhibitions.
  • Visitors who want to go for shopping should visit Casabarata, which is a giant flea market located in the suburbs. The market thrives with trade and a person can purchase a wide variety of new and used items from all over the world.

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