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Gythion, Greece Cruise Port

A cruise to Gythion, Greece (also called Gytheio, Gythium, or Gytheion) means traveling to an ancient world. Located in the Peloponnese region of Greece, this Mediterranean seaport on the northwestern end of the Laconian Gulf is the largest and most important town in the municipality of East Mani. The alleged founders of the city are actually mythical: Heracles and Apollo, and Castor and Pollux. Regardless of who actually created Gythion, the fact remains that it’s been around since at least 455 B.C., when it was burned by Tolmides during the First Peloponnesian War. Once ancient Sparta, the area has been rich in history and trade, with the modern version opening its port to vacationers in the 1960s. While the city’s old ruins are submerged in the Laconian Gulf, there’s plenty left to explore. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when visiting the cruise port of Gythion, Greece:
  • Despite it being the most popular beach here, the four-mile-long Mavrovouni Beach is seldom overcrowded. During hot summer days, it's an excellent place to sunbathe and swim, and the afternoon breeze is ideal for windsurfing.
  • The picturesque Lighthouse of Gythio is located on the small islet of Kranae, a bit east of the town. Built in 1873, it also includes a maritime museum that tells the story of the town's nautical history. In addition to a tourist attraction, it's still a functioning lighthouse.
  • The Dimitrios shipwreck is easily accessible by foot. While some rumors have it that the freight ship is a ghostly one of unknown origins, more popular opinion has it that it was used to smuggle cigarettes between Turkey and Italy around 1981, seized by the port authority, released, then set on fire to destroy the cargo. Yet one more theory is that the ship was merely abandoned after its captain became ill.
  • For a complete blast from the past, the Ancient Theatre, just north of the city and built in Roman style, is considered one of the area's most important archaeological sites. Although some it is overgrown, it still hosts dramatic performances and concerts during the summer.
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