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Zakynthos, Greece Cruise Port

Zakynthos is a Greek island, which is located in the Ionian Sea. The island is an immensely popular tourist destination. The nickname of the island is to fioro tou Levante, which when translated means the flower of the East. It was given the nickname by the Venetians. The island has a temperate climate and fertile valleys. The island offers the opportunity to see many attractions in the region and to explore the diverse flora and fauna. The natural elements and features in the area also make a trip to the island worth it. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Zakynthos, Greece will enjoy:
  • Zakynthos has plenty of accommodation options. One good place that visitors can stay at is the Venus Hotel & Suites. It is an amazing place and it offers visitors the chance to have a taste of Greek cuisine. The establishment also serves international dishes and the hotel is beautiful.
  • When it comes to food, visitors will not be disappointed. There are a plethora of dining establishments that serve a wide variety of dishes. Nostimon Imar is a good restaurant in the region, which is known to serve delicious food. The staff is also competent, which is convenient.
  • Navagio beach is one of the most famous landmarks in the region. It is a cove, which is situated on the Northwest shore. Although it is isolated by several high cliffs, it can be accessed by boat. It is a wonderful place that is definitely worth visiting.
  • Snorkeling enthusiasts will be fascinated by Porto Limnionas Beach. The beach has an abundance of marine life that a person can explore together with the caves. A person can have a great time at the beach while eating good food and soaking in the stunning views of the region.

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