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Cesme, turkey Cruise Port

Cruise to the port of Cesme in Turkey for an amazing experience in Southern Europe. Situated on the farthest Western end of Turkey, Cesme is an ideal location for the sunshine chasing traveler. As a true testament to its golden age, Cesme is dotted with numerous buildings constructed in the 14th century, such as the statue of Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasha, and the Cesme Castle which dominates the town's skyline. A cruise to Cesme will place you at the heart of Turkey's finest culinary culture. Ice cream, several types of jams, deserts and sauces all locally prepared pair perfectly with Cesme's large sea food produce. There are numerous hotels, marinas and sea food restaurants in Cesme. The back of the town is lined with traditional Ottoman period homes and villas. Below are some of the activities and places you should explore on your cruise to Cesme:
  • History buffs will enjoy a day of adventure at the Cesme Castle. In 1508, the Ottoman ruler at the time Bayezid II commissioned it to be built. It now houses two museums and exhibitions of artifacts from the ancient site of Erythria.
  • Wind surfing enthusiasts will have a good time riding the winds and waves of Cesme town. The coastal town is often called Turkey's wind surfing capital. It has been named the third best place to wind surf in the world.
  • Take a visit to the Old Town Cesme (downtown) if you want to learn more of the deep Turkish history and culture. Here you will travel back in time; surrounded by hundreds of Greek neo-classical housing from the late 1800s.
  • With berths for up to 400 yachts, the Cesme marina is an ideal location to spend the day for anyone who cruises to Cesme. You can either ride on a yacht, shop at the local, establishments, or decide to have a taste of the local cuisines.
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