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Palamos, Spain Cruise Port

For a Mediterranean vacation to excite all of your senses, cruising to the beautiful, mountain-flanked port of Palamos, Spain will create picture-perfect memories. Located in the country's northeastern Costa Brava region and the Girona province (which is within Catalonia), Palamos' lovely bay area is a popular attraction for swimmers, boaters, and windsurfers. Founded in 1279 by King of Aragon Peter the III (also known as Peter the Great), Palamos developed a successful fishing industry and is still famous for its locally caught prawns. In the 1960s, tourism started to grow, with travelers fascinated by the town's historic architecture, Iberian archeological remains, and many modern activities. An easily walkable area festooned with a promenade, bars, and cafes right along the water, there is plenty to do, including attending a church service right on the beach. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Palamos, Spain:
  • One of the most popular beaches is La Fosca. Not far from the marina, the beach is busy in summer but gets much quieter during the off-season. Great for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and other water sports, there are plenty of amenities, from beach chairs to nearby restaurants.
  • While something called a "Fishing Museum" might not seem that exciting, the interactive Museu de la Pesca (situated on the waterfront next to the local fish market) is one of the most interesting sites in town. Featuring exhibits about the history of fishing and fishing techniques, the museum also offers sailing and fishing excursions and cooking classes.
  • Around 12 miles south is the city of Sant Feliu de Guíxols with its historic monastery, originally built around 961. With an imposing fortress-like facade, you can explore the past within its museum and two towers, which sent smoke signals or sounded a horn when enemy ships approached.
  • Travel about 10 miles north of Palamos, and you'll find the ruins of the 15th century Castle of Begur. It shows some battle scars, thanks to its role in several conflicts over the years, including the Spanish War of Independence. The views from the top are quite incredible.
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