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Portovenere, Italy Cruise Port

The classic Italian romance on the seaside village of the idyllic cruise port of Portovenere, Italy has been so frequent a subject for poets over the years. With the likes of Lord Byron and Percy Shelley; two English poets who took much inspiration from this picture-perfect town, it is no wonder many travelers flock to the cruise port of Portovenere, Italy for its resort town feel and friendly atmosphere. Known as a takeoff point for trips to explore ruggedly beautiful Ligurian villages of Cinque Terre, cruising to Portovenere, Italy could be the missing piece in your romantic rendezvous. From the harbor promenade lined with beautiful pastel-colored homes, stroll along winding cobblestone streets to San Pietro Church or visit Grotta Dell’Arpaia, where Lord Byron used to swim and relax during the 1820s. Enjoy a glass of wine in a waterfront bar or take the narrow stairways and cobbled lanes leading to the inner part of town to experience the scenic beauty and traditional way of life.

Here are a few of our favorite things to do while on you cruise to Portovenere, Italy:

  • Probably the single most photographed sight in the cruise port of Portovenere is the fascinating San Pietro Church. It is beautifully positioned on the headland above Portovenere at the end of the peninsula and has some excellent views of the Gulf of Poets, the Palmaria Island and Cinque Terre. The miniature pipes of the church organ, small altar, statue of St. Peter and the Virgin Mary, in addition to the simple black interior are extremely stunning.
  • Be sure to capture every wonderful view you lay eyes on in the ramparts of Castello Doria. With just a few remnants of what it used to be in the past, the steep climb up to the castle will be worth the effort. Views of the Mediterranean Sea, picturesque harbor, mountains and beyond can be observed from very unique angles here. The lovely stone ruins of the castle once formed a fortified structure that guarded the entrance of La Spezia harbor.

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