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Kralendijk, Bonaire, Dutch Antilles Cruise Port

In the small Dutch country of Kralendijk, Bonaire, deep in the Southern Caribbean lies a diver’s paradise. With consistently pleasant temperatures in the 70 and 80 degree ranges, there is nothing standing between you and the abundance of water activities this port city is noted for. From windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling to hiking, bird-watching and sunbathing, nothing tops the popular diving adventures with healthy corals in widely-acclaimed underwater ecosystems used as the standard of measure throughout the world. Get ready to be dazzled by staghorn, gorgonians and elusive sea horses while cruising to Kralendijk, Bonaire. Spotting pink flamingos in Slagbaai National Park and wild local donkeys in the Donkey Sanctuary would be a welcoming sight you are sure to delight in.
Book one or more of these shore excursions on your cruise to Kralendijk, Bonaire:
  • In a wonderland of colors, soft corals, hard corals and every kind of fish imaginable, the slower you dive, the more you see! Don’t miss out on an excellent and weightless experience in the Bonaire National Marine Park, one of the top dive destinations in the world with a fiercely protected coastline. This attraction is certainly Bonaire’s pride and every diver’s joy with well-marked dive sites in the crystal clear waters, and pristine coral reef fish and turtles that make you feel special by their welcoming characteristics.
  • Join the great Bonaire Vista Tour on your cruise to Kralendijk, Bonaire for unique interpretations of the magnificent scenery, interesting history, culture and tradition of the natives. There will be plenty of delicious tropical drinks at refreshment stops to quench your thirst while marveling at the mountains of salt heaped around the pink diamond sparkling salt ponds. Relish in the scenic beaches and inquire about important religious monuments and slave huts.
  • If you have more time to explore, take a ferry down to the beautiful white shores of the little paradise island of Klein, Bonaire, perfect for snorkeling and simply kicking back to take in the picturesque scenery around the cruise port of Kralendijk, Bonaire.

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