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Curacao, Caribbean Cruise Port

When cruising to Curacao, Caribbean expect to gain an understanding of the diverse heritage in this area. With over 55 different cultures coming together; you can imagine a unique experience. Stretching about 40 miles, this lovely and generally flat island has a lot to offer cruisers on their adventure in Curacao, Caribbean. The island is lined with beautiful beaches, inlets and bay areas to relax or enjoy water sports all day. The highest peak is Mt. Christoffel, reaching 11239 feet and offering a great hiking and climbing adventure. The history of Curacao began just as the other Caribbean islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus. In 1920, oil was discovered and started a new era for the island as well as Aruba. The flora and fauna of the island can be quiet intriguing with the cactus, the Divi Divi Tree, lizards, hummingbirds, orioles and many other unique creatures. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do when cruising to Curacao, Caribbean:
  • Swim with the wonderful and abundant dolphins in the crystal blue waters.
  • Diving in Curacao is ideal because of the plethora of coral reefs that have grown on the lava rocks, where colorful fish swim through.
  • Hit the links along the Blue Bay Curacao Golf Course, where the 18 holes will challenge and excite you along this beautiful course.
  • Try out some windsurfing, where you can learn how to speed along the water from a professional to take in the beautiful views from a different perspective.

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