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Puerto Chiapas, Mexico Cruise Port

With pyramids and mountains as a backdrop, the cruise port of Puerto Chiapas, Mexico (also called Port of Chiapas) is near the mouth of the Suchiate River, which borders Mexico and Guatemala. Located in the southern part of Mexico's state of Chiapas, the port began as a small fishing center, but has since expanded to accommodate cruise ships and larger cargo. Usually a drop-off point to other parts of Mexico, nearby attractions include the town of Tapachula, Volcán Tacaná (or the Tacaná Volcano, Central America's second highest peak), and ancient the Izapa ruins. During the late 1800s, several waves of immigrants – including Germans, Chinese, and Japanese – arrived here to expand coffee production, work in the mines, and help build the new railroad. Don’t be surprised if you’re welcomed by colorful musicians and dancers as you disembark. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Puerto Chiapas, Mexico:
  • The Izapa Ruins are found on the Izapa River; this pre-Columbian civilization had its greatest period between 600 BCE and 100 A.D. What was previously assumed to be an invention of the Mayans – the calendar – may actually have its roots in Izapa. Keep an eye out for fascinating artwork, much of it involving animals (especially frogs).
  • Coffee fanatics might want to check out Finca Argovia or Finca Hamburgo, coffee growing haciendas where you can get a tour of the facilities and learn the history of coffee growing in the region. There are several tours that can get you there, or you can hire a taxi for the day to get you around various parts of Chiapas.
  • Fewer than 20 miles is the city of Tapachula, if you want more in the way of shopping, dining, and other attractions. There are plenty of cultural sites to explore, such as the aptly named Casa de Cultura (House of Culture), Parroquia de San Agustin (Parish Church of San Augustine), and historically impressive Pantheon Municipal (Municipal cemetery).
  • Those looking for beaches in the hot climate can choose between La Escollera, which is quieter, and Barra Cahoacan, which also features shopping and restaurants close by.

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