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Panama Canal, Panama Cruise Port

Marvel at one of the world’s greatest works of engineering by cruising 85 feet above sea level on the Panama Canal. After initiating the construction of this colossal wonder in 1881, France held off on the project due to engineering issues. It was later resumed in 1904 by the United States and officially opened for trade in 1914. As a channel that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for faster international trade, the Panama Canal has lived up to expectations by shortening the distance for voyages to international markets. Be sure to check out these amazing attractions while cruising through Panama Canal, Panama Cruise Port:
  • Your imaginations will come to life in this cruise port as you watch ships sail through the Gatun Locks.
  • Venture through the Portobelo Wilderness to experience the tranquility of the jungles of Panama and watch the monkeys jump with excitement as they welcome you into unfamiliar territories.
  • Capture the stunning moment as you encounter the 100 feet waterfall in the Chagres National Park.
  • Head down to Panama’s Riviera to enjoy the calm breeze and warm waters as you unwind from the day’s activities

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