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Paradise can be found on a cruise to Hawaii. Your future will be filled with ukuleles, botanical gardens and soothing, serene days by the water.

The options are endless to relax and enjoy America’s most picturesque islands during your cruise vacation. Volcanoes with golf on the side and waves you can take for a ride. Waterfalls cascading through your hair, and luaus with pig roasts in the air. Each day brings new opportunities: whether you choose to explore the natural beauty of the islands or immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture.

Aloha, Hawaii cruisers.



Things to Do on a Cruise to Hawaii


Did you know that Hawaii is comprised of over 1,500 islands? You are probably more familiar with the eight main islands which include Maui, Hawaii and Oahu. The 50th state is actually in Polynesia, and offers an exciting backdrop of volcanoes and jungles to the riveting culture of the island natives. Featured below are a few of the best things to do when cruising to Hawaii:



Humpback whales in Hawaii
  • Spot a hoard of humpback whales as they come to the warm waters off of Maui to give birth. If you stick your head in the water you can hear their echoing voices.
  • Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center where people are on hand to teach you about the different cultures and traditions on many islands in Polynesia. For instance, attend a Samoan cooking class or learn how to start a fire using two pieces of wood.


Napali Coast, Hawaii
  • Tour the USS Missouri to learn about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that preceded America’s involvement in WWII. There is also a beautiful memorial in the area.
  • See the beautiful and enchanting Napali Coast. Whether from the vantage point of a cruise or on a helicopter excursion, you’ll be amazed at the waterfalls and stunning hue of this tropical coastline.
Fire dancers at a Hawaiian luau
  • Attend a luau. These celebratory feasts usually include hula dancers, flame throwers and a delicious dinner, all served outside with the ocean in the background.
  • Hike up an active volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You can feel the heat from the crater that vents steam from the volcano, and then go inside a lava tube.


Map of Hawaii:

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Hawaii: Cruise Lines

Sail to Hawaii on a popular cruise where you’ll experience palm trees swaying in the breeze, incredible sunsets and a walk along a volcano. A cruise to Hawaii, America’s 50th state is on the horizon. 

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Hawaii: Departure Ports

Hawaii has always been considered a slice of paradise. These islands offer rainforests, volcanos and beaches that are a surfer’s idea of heaven. Cruising to Hawaii offers a special set of circumstances. Most ships have to sail from a port in the U.S. main land, so several cruises leave from San Francisco, Los Angeles or even Vancouver. Norwegian Cruise Lines offers the only ship, the Pride of America that can sail around Hawaii without returning stateside, she offers regular sailings from Honolulu. Of course for those looking for extra time in paradise you can cruise from Papeete in Tahiti.

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