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Tracy Arm, Alaska Cruise Port

The Tracy Arm Fjord is an extraordinary landscape in Alaska. Just 50 miles from Juneau, you’ll see the twin Sawyer Glaciers and glaciers that are electric blue and so bright that you might need to wear sun glasses. You won’t actually dock in Tracy Arm, but you’ll cruise through the landscape while enjoying incredible views. If you are lucky enough to be there when one of the glaciers is calving, you won’t want to miss this amazing phenomenon where a massive piece of ice breaks off and drops into the water below. Featured here are highlights of cruising through Alaska’s Tracy Arm Fjord:


  • Check out the wild animals that roam along the fjord. You might spot a brown bear or wolf. In the water you’ll see seals and whales, and majestic bald eagles soar overhead.
  • Take pictures of the beautiful blue ice of the Sawyer Glaciers. It’s amazing to see how bright the blue is and how emerald the waterway appears.
  • Board a catamaran to get face to face with these spectacular glaciers.
  • Listen to a local naturalist talk about the fjord and the surrounding area, including info on the flora and fauna of the region.

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