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Australia/New Zealand Cruises

Adventure and eccentricity await in Australia & New Zealand, where there’s much more in store for a cruise than kangaroos and koalas!

Expect the vacation of a lifetime when you cruise to Australia. Go diving in the Great Barrier Reef, teeming with underwater creatures of all sorts. Learn the history of cricket and get a few swings in with a freshly made bat. Tour legendary authentic breweries and try some true Australian beer. Or, just revel in the fantastic culture and quirky accents of the Aussies and Kiwis.

Australian & New Zealand cruises are a fantastic way to vacation away from the ordinary.



Things to Do on a Cruise to Australia and New Zealand


The Land of Oz and nearby New Zealand are lands of adventure. Here you’ll find friendly people who are always ready to offer some help or a join you for conversation at dinner. Australia is a continent unlike any other, with amazing creatures, a laid back culture and the extensive culture of their aboriginal people. New Zealand is a place of diverse landscapes and a rich Polynesian history. Cruise to New Zealand if you want to revel in natural beauty and be greeted with friendly faces at every stop. Featured below are some of the best things to do when cruising to Australia and New Zealand:


Ayers Rock in Australia
  • Head to Uluru also known as Ayers rock with its reddish tint, this rock stands out in the flat landscape. This rock holds great spiritual significance to the country’s Aboriginal people.
  • The Sydney Opera house with its white peaks is a landmark known by people all over the world. Get a stunning view of the building by climbing up the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
Twelve Apostles Rock Formation in Australia
  • Explore the vast landscapes of Australia from the rock formations along the coast line from the Great Ocean Road to the stark desert of the Outback, Australia is a magical place.
  • Hit the beach. Bondi Beach is a surfer’s paradise you can find gentle spots for beginners or bigger waves for those looking for a challenge at a different part of the beach. You might spot a whale or pod of dolphins swimming by the coast.
Australia's Great Barrier Reef
  • Did you know you can see the Great Barrier Reef and its colorful inhabitants from space. You can snorkel here or take a glass bottom boat. There are lots of ways to see this amazing underwater site.
  • See the kangaroos and koalas at Kangaroo Island. You can also spot wallabies, penguins and platypus here as you hike through or drive through the island.


Map of Australia & New Zealand:

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Australia/New Zealand: Cruise Lines

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Australia/New Zealand: Departure Ports

There’s natural beauty and culture awaiting you in Brisbane, Port Douglas, Sydney, Auckland and the other ports-of-call you can find in Australia & New Zealand. Check out the map or click one of the ports below to learn more about your journey on an Australia cruise.

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