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Willis Island Cruise Port

At sixteen feet long, 490 feet wide, and a total landmass of only nineteen acres, Willis Island is a very small Australian island in the Coral Sea, beyond the Great Barrier Reef. Among the numerous Coral Sea Islands in Australia’s external territory, Willis is the only permanently inhabited island with a population of four individuals. These four people are the employed staff of the island’s weather monitoring station that first opened in 1921. The station’s most prominent feature is a radio transmitter which provides a vital cyclone warning service.


  • Cruise ships sail by Willis and Australia’s two other southernmost islands. While Willis is the only inhabited island of the three, the others have more impressive flora and fauna.
  • The shape, bareness and novelty of this weather-stationed island make for a perfect photo opportunity for any tourist who appreciates the extraordinary.
  • The island’s highest point rises to only 30 feet above sea level, meaning that most cruise ships that venture near the island will tower over the low, miniature landmass.
  • The weather station is run by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The four-person crew is periodically switched out in the interest of proper mental health.

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