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Callao (Lima), Peru Cruise Port

Callao is a popular area within the city limits of Lima, Peru. Here you’ll find the port and airport. Callao has also developed into a welcoming area for tourists and locals as well. In the summer, crowds head to La Punta, which has a wide variety of beaches bordering the Pacific Ocean. Callao has a very long history and served as a major port during colonial times. All goods being shipped back to Spain would arrive via mule to Callao, where they were then shipped to Panama and then carried overland to the other side of Panama where they could be shipped to Spain. With all this trade, Callao became a wealthy area and a hub for immigrants. When you are in Callao you’ll have several attractions to see, and here are some featured activities:

  • Visit Fortress Real Felipe, which was the largest fortress built under the Spanish crown in the Americas. It is now home to an army museum.
  • Mingle with the locals when you hit the beaches in La Punta.
  • Take a boat tour of the San Lorenzo, El Fronton and Palomino Islands. There are lots of beautiful sites to see and history to learn on these boat tours.
  • Walk along the charming Plaza Jose Galvez where many of the houses surrounding the square date back to the Colonial and Republican Eras. The plaza is dedicated to Jose Galvez, who died defending Callao. 

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