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Pisco (Puerto San Martin), Peru Cruise Port

Pisco is located on the Pacific Southeast and acts as a seaport that serves the central coast of Peru. The town suffered an earthquake in 2007, but has risen from the ashes and rebuilt most of its infrastructure. The name Pisco is shared with its famed national brandy, and the area serves as both a historic and archaeological site, having hosted the pre-Inca civilizations of the Paracas culture from 700 B.C. Most recently in the 19th century, it acted as a focal point for Peru’s revolution. The town has a rich history and is an ideal place to visit. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Pisco (Puerto San Martin), Peru:
  • A tourist can relax at the As De Oros restaurant, which offers the opportunity to eat local food. A person can enjoy a variety of local dishes such as octopus served with spicy mashed potatoes or grilled prawns in tartar sauce served with fried yucca.
  • For the more adventurous, the area offers Reserva Nacional de Paracas, which is an expansive desert reserve. It has children friendly exhibitions on ecology, and a bay that is covered by Chilean flamingoes and jellyfish that wash ashore and form mandala-like patterns on the beach.
  • The reserve also offers tourists the opportunity to examine old ornaments and medical techniques and instruments that were used by prehistoric inhabitants of the area. A key relic is the trepanned skulls, which illustrate an old medical technique, where a piece of skull was removed to ease brain pressure.
  • Visitors are also offered a memorable excursion to the Isla Ballestas, which starts with a boat tour to the location. The boat journey offers a person a view of a three-pronged Candelabra geoglyph and herds of noisy sea lions that lounge on the rocks.

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