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Chacabuco, Chile Cruise Port

A cruise to Chacabuco, Chile is a must for any traveler looking to escape the bustle of modern city life and crowded vacation spots. A quiet and simple life bodes well with the locals here and it takes a short time for you to adapt. Over 70 percent of the land is set aside for national parks and reserves, guaranteeing any traveler that cruises to Chacabuco intimate views with the abundance of both flora and fauna. A topographical paradise where the mighty Andes touches the ocean, Chacabuco is beset with numerous rivers, waterfalls, valleys, and spectacular view points. A hiking tour with a local guide is the best way to experience the island. Watch as kingfisher birds dive in and out of the water or join the locals on a fly fishing expedition. Below are a few activities to keep you busy on the island:
  • The pentagon shaped town square hosts the Coyhaique Handicrafts Market where you can grab yourself a locally crafted and styled artifact. It can serve as a reminder of a magical time spent on your trip to Chacabuco that will last a lifetime.
  • Take a guide and join the local residents on a fishing expedition at the Cisne Medio. Fly fishing has been a local tradition for decades and the inhabitants of Chacabuco practice it to this day as a sport and source of food.
  • The residents of Chacabuco enjoy eating lamb, so treat your taste buds to delicious, savory lamb that is grilled on skewers in front of an open fire at the farm called “campo”. As you eat, you will surely be entertained by the show of local dances.
  • Take a tour to the nearby Tidewater glacier, a colossal wall of ice that is a retreat and still offers a breath taking scenery and the opportunity to take amazing photos. You can enjoy a hot cup of chocolate as you slowly meander the water next to the glacier.
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