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Amalia (Skua) Glacier, Chile Cruise Port

The Amalia Glacier is also popularly known as the Skua Glacier. The glaciers’ origin can be traced to the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. From the year 1945 to 1986, the terminus retreated about 7 km together with the recession of the O’Higgins Carter, which is regarded as the most dramatic glaciers retreat of the ice field during the time. About 10,000 years ago the Patagonian Ice Field covered a major fraction of Southern Chile. In this day and age, the region paves way to the islands and channels that make up the fjords of the Pacific Coast of Southern Chile which extends to the Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego. It is a tidewater glacier that is located at the Bernando O’Higgins National Park which is at the Sarmiento Channel. The glacier is known to surround the Reclus volcano and erodes the northern side of it. Below are some of the reasons to take a cruise to Amalia Glacier port:
  • A visitor cruising through the waters of the legendary inlets of Chile will be graced by the spectacular presence of snow-capped mountain peaks, forests and breath taking blue-tinged glaciers. A cruise to the port is encouraged due to the outstanding features and experience of visiting the glacier.
  • The Amalia glacier is widely known for the horde of wildlife that have made their home there. These include the peale’s dolphins, sea lions and a wide array of seabirds that live in the area. These are just some of the animals that reside at the region.
  • The beautiful scenery is characterized by amazing features and rock formations that make the glacier a good place to visit. A cruise to the port guarantees that visitors will be able to observe and appreciate the environment, landscape and magnificent scenery.
  • The glacier is a recommended area for individuals that want to learn about history, see dynamic and rare wildlife and marvel at features that are rare, unique and yet breath-taking. It is extensive, rich in history and worth every second.
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