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Huahine, French Polynesia Cruise Port

Huahine is one of the islands in the group of Islands in French Polynesia, which is a French territory situated overseas. The island is in the Pacific Ocean and is part of islands that make up the Leeward Islands group, also known as Iles Sous le Vent. The island covers an approximate area of 74.8 km2 and holds a population of about 6,303 people according to data gathered in 2012. Huahine comprises of 2 main islands; Big Huahine is found to the North and Little Huahine is situated to the South. They are surrounded by a coral reef that has several islets. The 2 islands are temporarily divided by a few meters of water that exposes a sandpit at low tide. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Huahine, French Polynesia:

  • For those interested in having some time to themselves, a visit to the secluded beach located at the Southern tip of Motu Ovarei is highly recommended. The beach is called La Cite de Corail, has white sand and a healthy coral garden in its calm waters.
  • Visitors should take the time to pay a visit to Maeva. It is a village about 7 km to the East of Fare and was the center of royal power on the island, which is well known for its concentration of pre-European archaeological sites.
  • Nature lovers should not miss out on an exhilarating hike that leads to the top of Mt Tapu on Big Huahine. The moderate level hike takes about four hours with the highlight being the spectacular views of the beautiful island.
  • A trip to the shallow Lake Fauna Nui, also known as Lake Maeva, is a worthwhile idea for visitors. The lake is an inlet from the sea and the land to the North of this lake, is known as Motu Ovarei.

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