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Raiatea, French Polynesia Cruise Port

Raiatea is the second biggest of the Society Islands, in French Polynesia and it is known for its historical and cultural significance, being branded as the most sacred island in the South Pacific. Uturoa is the main township of Raiatea and the administrative capital for the Leeward Islands. It is also the most populated with various amenities such as schools and hospitals, and is an interesting place to visit. Raiatea shares its outstretched lagoon and coral reef with Taha’a Island. The island is a popular holiday destination with fun activities for both the young and old. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Raiatea, French Polynesia:

  • Tourists should take the opportunity to visit Taputapuatea, which is the best preserved and the most sacred historical site in Polynesia. It is an expansive archeological area which is considered a natural monument and can explored on foot. This would be a real treat for history lovers and archeologists.
  • The sandy beaches and warm temperatures in the region attract numerous tourists. Apart from relaxing and enjoying the sun, visitors can participate in other nautical activities, such as snorkeling in the secluded crystal clear waters of the lagoon. Here, one can find a wide array of aquatic plant life and reef fish, like perches and triggerfish.
  • Adventure tourists will have a blast exploring the island through different means of transportation, including cars and bus tours, as they navigate the circle roads and make stopovers at the various villages and sites. They can also use boats to cruise within the bays.
  • The Raiatea Lodge Hotel located on the western part of the island and Opoa Beach Hotel, which is characterized by lovely white cottages provide a romantic and relaxed ambiance. The region due to the accommodation options and scenery is a good destination for honeymooners.

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