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Dravuni Island, Fiji Cruise Port

Escape modern life with a cruise to Dravuni Island. One of the least inhabited islands in the Fiji Islands, Dravuni has come to be known as a deep sea divers island because of the Great Astrolabe Reef that surrounds the entire region. The reef has a bit of history to it as it was named after the Astrolabe ship that struck the reef in the early 19th century. Astrolabe, was captained by famed French explorer Dumont d'Urville. Folklore has a place on Dravuni Island as well. The tale goes that a local village slid off the island and into the reef. Local fishermen show their respect by not dumping any trash into the waters, making Dravuni one of the cleanest shores in Fiji. There are less than 200 inhabitants on the island. Below is a list of activities you will enjoy on your cruise to Dravuni Island:
  • Hike to Dravuni island's highest peaks. All in a day's walk, visitors can enjoy an immersive trek through impressive bush land and lush green forests. The reward once you have reached the peaks is a spectacular view of the surrounding islands.
  • Get your gear on and snorkel in the Great Astrolabe Reef. An underwater camera is highly recommended, as numerous interestingly shaped and beautifully colored fish flock the reef daily. Taking photos is a good way to remember the unique experience.
  • Once you arrive on Dravuni Island, a visit to the local village affords many fun things that visitors can enjoy. Play guitar and sing along with the locals, get your hair braided, enjoy a relaxing massage and play with their pet parrots.
  • A good way to wrap up the day is by taking a quiet sunset walk on the beach. Grab a drink and sip slowly as you take the 1 hour stroll around Dravuni Island. It is a great way for any traveler to unwind.
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