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Mystery Island Vanuatu Cruise Port

For a trip that involves sailing into a world with no modern amenities but does have plenty of peace and quiet, the cruise port of Mystery Island, Vanuatu is a dream come true. Located within the southernmost end of the Vanuatu archipelago, Mystery Island (officially called Inyeug) is not only small, but uninhabited; less than one mile from Aneityum Island (its nearest neighbor), this South Pacific getaway is covered with shade-giving palm trees and sandy white beaches. Although no people actually live here, there are plenty of tourists: in any given year, the island attracts around 65,000 people, mostly Australians. Appropriately enough, the island’s history is shrouded in enigma – and superstition, as the natives from Aneityum Island believed Inyeug was full of ghosts once the sun went down. Now a tropical destination full of sun and fun, here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Mystery Island, Vanuatu:
  • Of course, the beaches call out for swimmers and sunbathers to come and enjoy; the crystal clear, warm waters are a perfect way to spend a laid-back afternoon before heading back to the cruise ship. If you fancy a stroll, the whole island can be walked in around 45 minutes.
  • Just as it's a great place to swim, so it's also a terrific sailing spot. Sailing around the entire island takes all of 20 minutes, so why not just drop anchor and enjoy the view of the palm trees from the boat?
  • Even though there's no electricity or major resorts, the island's beaches still have basic facilities for those who want to snorkel or try other water sports. If you need masks and fins, you can rent them here then explore the turtles, colorful fish, and brilliant coral reefs nearby.
  • While people don't live here full time, there are some permanent market stalls that sell food, locally made clothing, and handicrafts, all of which help pump money into the local economy. Don’t miss the chance to nosh on fresh coconuts.
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