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Lifou, New Caledonia Cruise Port

Within the waters of the mighty Pacific Ocean is the cruise port of Lifou, New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France. Located within the Loyalty Islands Province, this French commune (or administrative division) consists of Lifou Island, the smaller Tiga Island, and several uninhabited islets between them. The world’s largest atoll (an island formed from coral), Lifou Island was visited by westerners who used the area for whaling. Eventually, traders were lured to the island by fragrant sandalwood trees; missionaries followed shortly thereafter, around the mid-19th century. Far closer to Australia than France, many of Lifou's tourists come from Australia to enjoy the tropical setting and world-famous snorkeling. Incorporating traditional Melanesian culture, Lifou is a delightful mix of past and present – and popular among anyone who longs to drink fresh coconut milk directly from the source. Here are a few of our favorite experiences when cruising to Lifou, New Caledonia:
  • Many cruise ships arrive at Baie du Santal (Sandalwood Bay) near the town of Easo; the beach is a riot of activity, including market stalls featuring handcrafted items, local dancers, snorkeling equipment for rent, and tours to book (such as an excursion to a vanilla plantation).
  • With its floury white sands, Plage de Luengoni is one of the best beaches in Lifou. Not just a place to enjoy the crystal clear water, there's also an underwater cave for the adventurous to explore.
  • For a spectacular view of the sea and a little bit of excitement, visit the southern tip of Lifou and the cliffs of Xodre. Unprotected by coral reefs, the ocean waves crash into the side of the cliff and sometimes leave behind coral polyp skeletons. On a clear day, you can see neighboring islands of Huo, Nie, and Leliogat.
  • The Chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes is not far from Easo; the semi-long walk up the hill will get you to the chapel (wear comfortable shoes) and some lovely viewpoints. Originally built in 1898, the chapel marked the arrival of the first Catholic missionaries a few decades earlier.
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