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Port Vila, Vanuatu Cruise Port

Rated one of the most beautiful cities in the Pacific, the cruise port of Port Vila, Vanuatu is exactly what cruise passengers sailing to the archipelago rave about. The waters are truly blue with a variety of soft sands perfect for a family or romantic getaway. As the capital and largest city of Vanuatu, this bustling port city is shaped for remarkable escape with endless fun and adventurous activities. While cruising to Port Vila, Vanuatu you will notice a unique blend of Melanesian, Chinese, French and English cultural elements passed down from the various settlers who found their way to this haven decades ago. The constant change this city endures adds to its delight and curiosity of tourists. As a trading center, you are guaranteed an abundance of souvenirs in colorful open air markets right next to fresh tropical fruits and hand-picked vegetables.
Discover the hidden treasures of the cruise port of Port Vila, Vanuatu in these interesting tourist attractions you can’t afford to miss:
  • Guided through the lush evergreen tropical rainforest where pools of breathtakingly clear aquamarine water can be found, the Mele Cascades is truly a must-see. A fifteen minute hike through the bushes will eventually lead to the stunning 98 foot waterfall in a sensational environment where nature does all the talking. Take a dip in the deep rock pool or simply admire the picture perfect beauty of tropical paradise.
  • The highly anticipated village experience most tourists relish in awaits you in Ekasup Village. Much like a visitor’s library in the woods, this educational excursion is a great way of grasping the authentic way of life of the indigenous people in times past. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the chief and his warriors with clubs, spears, bows and arrows as a welcoming sign. Increase your cultural portfolio through the great tales and folklore shared by the participating natives.
  • Hideaway Island Marine Reserve is exactly what its name suggests. One of the highlights of this attraction is the Underwater Post Office where waterproof postcards can be mailed out both locally and internationally. It’s a great snorkeling spot with warm clear blue waters and plenty of fish and coral for your vacation photo ops.

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