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Luganville, Vanuatu Cruise Port

Luganville is considered to be the second largest city in Vanuatu and is known by other names like Santo and Kanal that are used by different groups that live in the region's surrounding islands. One of the city's distinguishing characteristics is the main road that runs parallel to the waterfront, with the port on one end and a variety of municipal buildings and the markets on the other. The town is an attractive tourist destination, due to the natural beauty that it boasts in the form of white-sand beaches, clear waters, a tropical rainforest, and some of the very best diving and snorkeling sites. Thousands of visitors visit the area on an annual basis. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Luganville, Vanuatu:
  • Nature and wildlife lovers will be thrilled to know that Luganville is a diving and snorkeling paradise. One such dive site is where the wreck of SS President Coolidge occurred. The liner transported troops to and from the island until it sunk in 1942.
  • Adventurers and nature lovers should plan to visit the Millennium Cave; access to the cave is possible via a hike through the jungle, along bamboo bridges, and across creeks. The cave has a pool and part of it is hidden behind a waterfall.
  • Visitors who are interested in learning more about the cultural history of the region definitely have to pay a visit to the Lysepsep Culture Park because it showcases many of the customs conducted by the indigenous Lysepsep people of Luganville.
  • Due to the region's history in line with the Second World War, the area has a variety of World War II sites that would be ideal for a historical day tour. Visitors will be rewarded by sightings of what remained, after the historic war.
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