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Komodo Island, Indonesia Cruise Port

When cruising to Komodo Island, Indonesia you must know that you will be sharing your vacation with almost 3,000 exciting creatures! We’re talking about komodo dragons, the king of the island. If you’re looking to meet one of these large creatures, you can take a tour of Komodo National Park on you cruise to Komodo Island, Indonesia. If dragons don’t excite you, not to worry there are plenty of other exciting areas to explore. The beaches of this island are filled with magnificent pink sand and beautiful blue waters. The people of Komodo Island are excited and proud of their culture and history and are more than willing to share with you about the past. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do when cruising to Komodo Island, Indonesia:
  • Visit Komodo National Park, home to most of the island’s dragons where you can learn more about the exciting species.
  • While in the park, you can also take on one of the hiking trails and take in all of the scenic landscaping.
  • See the small village on the other side of the island and walk through the area seeing what everyday life is like.
  • Relax along the beautiful pink sandy beaches with clear water where you can enjoy your peaceful surroundings or go for a swim.

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