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Banjul, Gambia Cruise Port

Banjul was formerly known as Bathurst. It is a city, Atlantic port and capital of Gambia located on St. Mary’s Island where the Gambia River enters into the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest city of the country. Banjul was founded in 1816, when the colonial office of Britain ordered Captain Alexander Grant to set-up a military post on the river with an aim of suppressing the slave trade. It was also meant to serve as a trade point for merchants that had been ejected from Senegal which at the time had been restored to France. Grant decided to use Banjul Island as the ideal site. When Gambia attained independence in the year 1965, the town was made the national capital of the country. In 1973, the name was officially changed to Banjul. Cruising to Banjul Gambia port has become more common and popular among tourists because of the features discussed below:
  • Arch 22 is an important monument in Banjul. It is a huge monument that commemorates the 1994 bloodless coup. From the monument, a person is sure to get magnificent views of the city from the terrace at the top floor.
  • The Royal Albert Market attracts many tourists. It is made up of numerous shops and stalls that are adequately spaced by walkways that are paved. The market shops and stalls are stocked with many commodities such as local souvenirs that are rare in many other parts of the world.
  • Banjul is a good place for a visitor that wants to have a taste of foods from the region. There are numerous dining establishments that sell local food such as Dominos Beach Bar and Restaurant. Visitors will get to enjoy good food at affordable prices at the area.
  • Banjul is also famous for its affordable good clothing bargains. There are many cloths and fabrics such as cotton, and wax prints that are readily available. Several stalls also sell products that are rare in most parts of the world such as African trade beads, and cowrie shells.
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