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Luderitz, Namibia Cruise Port

Luderitz is a harbor town that is located in Southwest Namibia, which lies on the African coast and is sandwiched in between the Namib Desert and the South Atlantic coast. Luderitz is widely known for some of its brilliant colonial architecture that is coupled with a history of art nouveau. The town is also popular for its natural beauty and wildlife diversity that includes spectacular creatures, such as seals and flamingoes that are native to the land. The town has a rich history that traces all the way back to its establishment in 1883, after it grew from being a trading post. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Luderitz, Namibia:
  • One of the town's main attractions that visitors should tour is the Kolmanskop Ghost Town, as it was once a busy diamond town, after the discovery of diamond deposits by Zacharias Lewala. It is currently abandoned and under constant attack by the Namib Desert sand dunes.
  • Nature and wildlife lovers alike should pay a visit and take part in the Zeepard Catamaran boat tours to Halifax Island. The boat tour takes visitors on a trip to the island to view the over 1,000 African Penguins that are unique to Namibia.
  • Visitors interested in stunning views of the Atlantic and the town's landscape should visit the Diaz Point. The drive to the site is quite scenic and visitors will be rewarded with views of the African penguins and rare cape fur seals, swimming in the waters below.
  • The town's main attraction is the historic old town, which boasts of historic architecture that is a mix of German Imperial Style and some Art Nouveau. For the best viewing of these landmark buildings, visitors should take the tour on foot.
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