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Aqaba, Jordan Cruise Port

Journey to the magnificent city of Petra as you arrive in the cruise port of Aqaba, Jordan, but not before checking out all the colossal archaeological wonders this charming port city has to offer. Along the shores of the Red Sea, Aqaba presents the richest marine life known to the region with warm, tranquil waters perfect for the growth of corals and brightly colored fish. The year-round sun in the cruise port of Aqaba shapes the stark beauty of its desert and makes it a phenomenal destination for snorkeling and diving in its internationally renowned diving sites. This astonishing hidden city in the mountains of southern Jordan used to be an important part of Palestine before being absorbed into the Ottoman Empire. Dating back to 4,000 BC, the cruise port of Aqaba was the capital of a flourishing civilization and rich stronghold that protected passing caravans. Check out one of the world’s oldest churches in the cruise port of Aqaba and its famous 13th century castle fortress as well.
Book one or more of these shore excursions on your cruise to Aqaba, Jordan:
  • A great location for utter relaxation by the sea would be at the Berenice Beach Club. This private beach club is perfect for snorkeling, diving, yachting, water sports or just pure relaxation in the heart of the cruise port of Aqaba. Watch the amazing sunset while lounging on your beach chair and taking in the calmness of the atmosphere. The hospitality of the staff and well organized services will add to your awesome experience.
  • Enjoy the mysteries of the deserts and connect with nature in this exciting and challenging trip of a lifetime on the Wadi Araba Desert. As it rises to heights of 450 meters and dips to less than 400 meters below sea level, the mountains will instantly become breathtaking and the sand dunes will change color periodically. Stop for some well-needed rest in one of the camps between the mountains and share memories with other sojourners.
  • Make sure you have the whole day to explore the majestic beauty of Petra in order to fully appreciate its past and present significance. Once you enter through a long narrow stone passage, you will encounter its half-built, half carved architectural treasures. There aren’t enough words to describe its captivating nature as you ride on horse backs, camels or horse drawn carriages around the 2,000 year-old structures built into soaring salmon-pink sandstone.

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