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Luanda, Angola Cruise Port

Luanda is the capital city of Angola and is considered to be the country's largest city. It is a very important city, since it serves as the country's chief seaport and as a main urban, industrial, administrative, and cultural center. The city's rich history dates back to 1576, when it was founded by Paulo Dias de Novais, a Portuguese explorer. Its original name, was Sao Paulo da Assumpcao de Loanda. Currently, the city is rapidly growing owing to the natural resources that the country has and also due to the peace that has spread in the region, which has resulted in it becoming a popular tourist destination. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Luanda, Angola:
  • Visitors who are interested in learning more about the cultural history of the country should visit the National Museum of Anthropology. The museum offers exhibits of traditional African masks, sculptures, art pieces, weaponry, tools, and even musical instruments that hold significance in the Angolan history and culture.
  • One of the most outstanding features in the city worth a visit is an obelisk-like structure that is called the Augostinho Neto Mausoleum. This monument is dedicated to the first President of Angola, Augostinho Neto, for his efforts in the country's liberation from Portuguese colonialists and offers a visual piece of cultural history to tourists.
  • Sightseers should also take the time to tour Fortalezo de Sao Miguel that guards the bay entrance, as it is Luanda's oldest building since it dates back to 1576. The fort was used as a slave holding station and currently has some wall tiles that detail the city's history.
  • Due to the city's role as a slave trade center, there is no shortage of sites to visit that give details on all aspects of slavery. Visitors should visit the National Museum of Slavery that lies in the area, where slaves were held before being taken to the Americas.
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