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Bom Bom Island, Africa Cruise Port

Located off the western equatorial coast of Africa and in the Gulf of Guinea, Bom Bom Island (also known as Ilhéu Bom Bom) is located north of the coast of the island of Príncipe. A tiny area with a population of about 15 people, it's included in the Atlantic Archipelago along with São Tomé, Island of Pagalú, and Bioko. A cruise to Bom Bom (which means “good good”) Island can include fishing, hiking, or scuba diving; thanks to its location near the Equator, the weather is warm year-round and allows for all kinds of outdoor activities. Some cruise lines may even offer guided tours to the old cacao plantations. Although dining options are limited, those that are available feature plenty of fresh seafood and a fantastic view of the ocean. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Bom Bom Island, Africa:
  • Thanks to the presence of rainforests, there are multiple types of birds and animals to watch. Outside of the rainforest, check out the Rio Petroleum valley and the volcanic Pico Papagaio peak, where species like the Principian falcon, Mona monkey, and African grey parrot will greet you.
  • Kayak enthusiasts will enjoy more than just paddling around Bom Bom. Beach-hopping may let you catch a glimpse of the Marapa turtle program ; you might also spot the two fishing villages of Praia Companje and Praia Borra, or decide to paddle out and visit the bay of Baia Das Agulhas with its two huge volcanic boulders.
  • Fans of fishing will love the availability of barracuda, yellow fin tuna, and wahoo (among others). The area has a "Catch and Release" practice for all billfish species and plenty of boats for rent that will seat up to six anglers.
  • Hikers have a choice of trails to explore, depending on stamina and time available. The Ilhéu Bom Bom hiking trail is short – but it can be a challenge, thanks to some steep steps and no railing. The Ribeira Izé trail is longer and an easier walk, but make sure you stay hydrated.
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