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Pointe Noire, Congo Cruise Port

Pointe Noire is the second largest city in Congo and is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Pointe-Noire Bay. The name originated from the Portuguese helmsmen, who referred to the bay as Ponta Negra after spotting a block of black rocks at the peninsula. The bay served as a fishing village in the 1800s. Later on the city boomed following the influx of oil money that came about as a result of the discovery of oil. The city serves as the major commercial harbour for the country and has perfect amenities with an assortment of restaurants and hotels. It is a popular tourist destination because of the array of choices and activities that visitors can take part in. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Pointe Noire, Congo:
  • Visitors should opt to make their way to Diosso Gorge, which is also referred to as the Grand Canyon of Congo. It is located just outside Pointe-Noire, where the fascinating gorges feature a large canyon with distinct red rock cliffs.
  • The city has two separate beach areas; most notably Cote Mondaine and Cote Sauvage. They offer good destinations for relaxation and are popular hangout spots for tourists. They all have restaurants that serve exquisite dishes and offer a variety of drink options.
  • The Conkouati Douli National Park is a place worth visiting because it has been recognised by UNESCO. It has a variety of wildlife such as gorillas and elephants and is a good location to observe the beautiful African landscape.
  • Visitors can pass some time at the Mazra club, which is a beach club that offers a magnificent nightlife experience. The club is a good spot to unwind and offers guests the chance to interact with fellow travellers and the locals of the region.

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