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Vigo, Spain Cruise Port

As you sail across the Atlantic Ocean and get ever closer to Portugal, you'll also find the lovely cruise port of Vigo, Spain, tucked within the southern part of the sparkling Enseada de Vigo (Vigo Bay). As part of the province of Pontevedra and the community called Galicia, Vigo is its most populated municipality; it has earned the nickname of "The Green Spain," thanks to its location between mountains and ocean that give the city a cooler climate than the rest of the country. Vigo has been around since at least medieval times and was the subject of ongoing attacks – including raids from Vikings, Turks, English, and French – from the 15th through 19th centuries. After freedom from French rule in the 1830s, Vigo was left to become the economic and industrial center that it is today. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Vigo, Spain:
  • Get away from the city for a bit to the gorgeous Islas Cíes (Cies Islands); not only are the island part of a national park where you can birdwatch and explore nature, but there are also plenty of lovely beaches, diving, snorkeling, and places for food and drink. You can either take the ferry out or hook up with one of the tour groups in Vigo.
  • With dozens of beaches in Vigo, where do we start? One of the favorites is Playa del Vao, noted for its fine, white sands and bus transport from the center of town. If you enjoy hunting for shells, kitesurfing, and the perfect spot to take the whole family, this is a great option - and it also has restaurants nearby.
  • Art lovers will want to visit the Museo Municipal de Vigo, featuring more than 1,500 works of art. Explore works by artists such as Carracci, Pourbus, Goya, and Fragonard, which include paintings, sculptures, drawings, and more.
  • Mix up relaxation with some history at Castro Fortress, built in 1665 as protection from the city's ongoing attacks. Along with the fortress, you can explore the beautiful gardens and fountains within the imposing walls for an interesting contrast.milies who came to Malta stopped to take a break while on their way to the North African coast.

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