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Skagen, Denmark Cruise Port

Skagen is a town which is located in the Northernmost part of Denmark. The town has a flourishing tourism industry, and is the main fishing port of Denmark. It attracts about 2 million tourists annually, which shows that the area is immensely popular. The town is known for its rich art heritage, photogenic neighbourhoods, and fresh seafood. During the 19th century, many artists visited the town and since that time it has become a big and famous holiday destination for people from all over the world. Visitors are also attracted by the beaches together with the buzzing atmosphere. There are numerous things to do and explore in the region, which makes cruising to Skagen ideal. Listed below are some of the recommended attractions, and activities that visitors will definitely enjoy after cruising to Skagen, Denmark:
  • Art lovers should definitely visit Skagen. Skagens Museum offers people and artists the opportunity to view more than 1,900 works of art. The art museum is known for its extensive art work collection that is attributed to members of the Skagen Painters colony.
  • Architecture lovers should not fail to visit the old village church that is now known as The Sand-Covered Church. It is the oldest building in the region which was abandoned due to sand drift. The architecture and the design of the church are fascinating.
  • To learn more about Skagen visitors should make their way to Skagen Odde Naturcenter. It is a beautiful building located on the town’s outskirt that gives insight into multiple natural elements that surrounds the town and adds to its uniqueness.
  • People who love the nightlife will not be disappointed at Skagen. One of the places worth visiting is Buddy Holly Pub and Dance. It serves delicisous beer, and the staff are friendly, which adds to the experience.

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