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Molde, Norway Cruise Port

Molde is both a Norwegian city and municipality found in Romsdal. It is located in the More og Romsdal County and on the Northern shore of the Romsdalsfjord. The city serves as the county's administrative center, the municipality's administrative center, and finally as the main commercial hub of the entire Romsdal region. Molde boasts the nick-name “the town of roses”. The city's formation and incorporation was as a result of a royal charter that was issued in 1742. The city had begun as a trading post that slowly emerged in the last years of the Middle Ages. The city grew more in the 18th and 19th century. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and attractions that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Molde, Norway:
  • Visitors who would be interested in learning more about the city's history should pay a visit to the Romsdal Museum. The museum boasts exhibits of an array of farm houses that depict how they have changed over the years based on the region that they are from.
  • Adventurers, photographers, and anyone who would be interested in the more scenic aspects of the city should pay a visit to the Varden, which is also known as the Molde Panorama. A hike to the viewpoint is advised and the reward is stunning views of the city.
  • Adventurers and nature lovers alike will be thrilled that the city has the spectacular Hjertoya Island Nature Trail found on Hjertoya Island. There is a trail leading visitors through some of the region's woods, where one is able to get good views of the fjords in the area.
  • For a more detailed glimpse of the Aker Stadium, visitors should go on one of the ferry tours offered in the city. This is a rewarding activity where one gets to see the stadium and the city from a different and unique point of view.
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