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Eskifjordur, Iceland Cruise Port

Eskifjordur is both a seaside town and port that is located in the Eastern part of Iceland. The town is well known for having a large fishing industry and it became an official trading post in 1789. It has since then, continued being a vital commercial center in the region. Eskifjordur has a population of about 1,043 people according to statistical estimates gathered in 2011 making it one of the most populated villages in the Fjaroabyggo municipality. In 1998, the town joined Reyoarfjorour and Neskaupstaour to form the municipality of Fjaroabyggo, which roughly translates to 'fjords settlement'. The town has two mountains that seem to dominate the region's landscape. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Eskifjordur, Iceland:
  • Fans of sailing and visitors interested in boats should pay a visit to the East Iceland Maritime Museum. Most of the exhibitions in this museum are objects and utensils that relate to seafaring and fishing in general but various other displays can be found here.
  • Adventurers and nature lovers should pay a visit to the Holmanes Penisula where cycling and hiking trails can be found. The peninsula has very diverse scenery that consists of more than 150 species of vegetation. The region also boasts of being a protected area since 1973.
  • Visitors interested in having a unique experience should visit Soren and Sigurborgs in Lambeyrarbraut. The couple has had a keen interest in stone collection as a hobby since 1976. They have collected over 1,000 different stones that have been cut and polished for display purposes.
  • Visitors interested in the culinary aspects of the town should visit Randulffs Seahouse. The restaurant serves local delicacies like shark-meat which has been produced in the town. Randulffs Seahouse is widely famed for the artefacts on display, and maintaining a theme reminiscent of the town's past.
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